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Diesels represented 53% of Audi A3 and 43% of Q7 lines in US in 2010

Audi reported that diesels accounted for nearly 53% of vehicles sold in the Audi A3 line and 43% of the Q7 line in 2010. Full year sales for the A3 line were 6,558 units, up 69.3% by volume year-on-year; full year sales for the Q7 were 7,976 units, up 9.3%.

Overall, Audi announced record US sales of 101,629 vehicles in 2010, surpassing the prior record of 93,506 vehicles sold in 2007. In December 2010, Audi reported sales of 10,546 vehicles, a 16.8% increase over the 9,030 vehicles sold in December 2009. For the full year of 2010, Audi new sales rose nearly 23% versus its prior full-year total of 82,716 vehicles sold in 2009.

Volkswagen of America, Audi’s corporate cousin, also reported a 20% increase in 2010 sales year-on-year to 256,830 units, and a 17.1% increase in December sales year-on-year to 23,867 units. 22% of VW models sold were diesels, with 56% of Golf models and 35% of the new Touareg models sold in December being diesel.



Audi/VW, BMW and Mercedes, like many European car manufacturers, make excellent diesels.

Are the Big-3 losing sales because they don't make/offer diesels? Of course, making smooth, quiet running, highly efficient diesel is something that as to be learnt. The last time GM tried it in their Olds it was a real fiasco. Could the Big-3 buy proven diesel engines from European manufacturers? At least until they learn how to build them.


GM and Ford make Diesels in Europe. They just don't bring them here. I have some friends living in Europe now. They have a Ford Mondeo and Focus, both Diesel, and they love them. We're missing out on some good cars and GM and Ford are missing out on some good sales.

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