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Concurrent with upcoming deliveries of the Chevrolet Volt to dealerships in California, Connecticut (Tri-State Metro Area), Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington, D.C., General Motors is rolling out the Volt In-Field Quality Assessment Program, which will run to the end of June, as General Motors concludes its production plant start-up phase.

Volts will be shipped to Chevrolet dealerships with 40% HV battery state-of-charge and two gallons of fuel. In addition to the standard pre-delivery road test, a Volt-trained technician at the dealership will conduct a road test of approximately 25 miles, engaging both EV mode and extended range mode at varying speeds and over a variety of road surfaces. Exceptions will be made for Volts that have been selected for extended testing at the factory. Those vehicles will arrive at dealerships with up to 70 miles of testing on the odometer, and will not require an extended road test.

Technicians will also check fit and finish, GPS functions, accessory operation, and charging on both 120V and 240V power sources. GM’s Technical Assistance Center will be staffed with personnel who have been trained on the Volt alongside the company's field service engineers. The center will maintain extended hours during the rollout, and will have a Volt on hand for reference, if need be. All service issues will be reviewed by the Volt engineering team, as well.

In the event of a service issue involving a major component such as the engine or battery pack, the complete component assembly will be replaced under warranty by the dealership’s service department and shipped back to GM. This will allow engineers to test the component as a system and determine the most appropriate repair path in the future. HV battery packs will be sent to GM’s Battery Refurbishment Center in Brownstown, Michigan. A refurbished battery pack of equal or greater capacity will be provided in return.

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