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Hyundai Motor Company recently rolled out the new fifth-generation Grandeur (badged as the Azera in some markets).

The new Grandeur arrives in the Korean market six years after its predecessor’s launch in May 2005. The Grandeur is Korea’s No. 1 large sedan, with cumulative sales of 1.25 million units (domestic: 980,000, exports: 270,000) since the first generation launched in 1986.

Equipped with a standard six-speed automatic transmission, the new Grandeur comes with two gasoline engines: the new Lambda II 3.0 GDI (maximum horsepower: 266 hp / maximum torque: 310 N·m/ fuel economy: 27.3 mpg US) and the Theta II 2.4 GDI (maximum horsepower: 198 hp / maximum torque: 250 N·m / fuel economy: 30 mpg US).

The new Grandeur offers a suite of safety systems including VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), VSM (Vehicle Stability Management), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and ESS (Emergency Stop Signal). Braking performance also has been significantly upgraded.

The new Grandeur features Advanced Smart Cruise Control, which automatically keeps a safe distance from a car ahead and provides automatic stop and restart functions in response to traffic flow. Also, the Grandeur features a Smart Parking Assist System that uses a sensor to measure parallel parking spaces, controlling the steering wheel to semi-automatically park the car. With Electric Parking Brake, a simple switch replaces the traditional foot pedal or hand brake.

An advanced telematics system makes the new Grandeur a connected communication and control hub, and allows owners to contact their vehicle via smart phone, with the Grandeur’s premium eight-inch navigation screen.



A very well equipped large car @ 30 mpg is not that bad nor is it that good.


"A very well equipped large car @ 30 mpg is not that bad nor is it that good"

That depends on whether or not they are talking about average fuel economy (city & highway) or highway only. If Highway only, then I am not impressed at all. If that is the average - I am impressed.

That 3.0L motor is making close to the same power that everyone else makes out of 3.5L motors.

Even their 2012 Accent is starting to have a full suite of electronics (ABS, EBD (brake force distribution), TCS (traction control), VSM & VDC) if I remember correctly.

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