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Linc Energy acquires more UCG coal exploration acreage in Alaska

Linc Energy Ltd has acquired the grant of 181,414 acres of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) coal exploration licences in Alaska from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority following a competitive bidding process.

This is an excellent outcome for Linc Energy which greatly advances our strategic goal to bring commercial UCG development to Alaska and become a significant part of the USA domestic energy market. We have known for a long time that Alaska, and the Cook Inlet Basin in particular, holds significant coal deposits. Importantly, the decision confirms that we were successful in obtaining 100 per cent of the exploration areas we applied for in the competitive tender process.

—Peter Bond, CEO

The gaining of this acreage marks Linc Energy’s entry into stage two of its Alaska plan. In conjunction with its continuing oil and gas program, coal exploration for UCG will be conducted aggressively over the next 24 months, said Bond. (Earlier post.)



"..coal exploration..from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.."??

Is this fracting coming through the back door?

Perhaps Sarah Palin found and enacted coal exploration as a Mental Health recipe.


It raises the question of what's the point. Alaska has plenty of fuel, and there's no way to get natural gas to other markets without lots of investment. Syngas isn't a tradeable or shippable fuel anyway.

Henry Gibson

The coal is first gasified, and the gas is changed into liquid fuels. Methanol is an excellent liquid fuel.

There is no reason that coal cannot be now mined and processed into slurries that can be burned in large engines as proposed by Diesel.

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