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Suzuki to introduce more fuel-efficient engine for its minicars in Japan

Nikkei. Suzuki Motor Corp. plans to introduce an all-new engine for its minicars for the first time in roughly 16 years. This 660cc engine is expected to deliver a fuel efficiency of 27 km/L (63.5 mpg US, 3.7 L/100km) when combined with an idle-stop system—an improvement of about 20% over the current offering.

This would enable Suzuki minicars to achieve a fuel economy comparable to that offered by Daihatsu Motor Co.’s new Move, which hit the market last month. Suzuki plans to invest a total of 20 billion yen [US$246 million] over three years to retool its Sagara factory in Shizuoka Prefecture to make the new engine.

All future versions of the company’s minicars, including the Wagon R and the Alto, will eventually be powered by the engine. The first to feature it will be the new MR Wagon, slated for launch this month.



A nice little range extender there.
Also, 16 year lifetime of the previous engine - suggests people were happy enough with the old one for a long time, and that there may be a level below which people do not care about fuel efficiency.


+1 on using this size of an engine as a range extender.


As batteries improve, much smaller engines could be used as range extenders. There are many 600/660 cc ICE around and most of them could be improved. They could be made smaller, lighter, more powerful and more efficient to reduce volume/weight/fuel tank and liberate more room for passengers.


I can not see a lot of these being sold in the U.S.

If you make a car small and light enough, it will get good mileage. Honda had the 600 in the early 70s that never really caught on. That was then and this is now, but I think the U.S. buyer wants a bit more room and safety.

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