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Technip launches Vertiwind floating wind turbine project

Technip, in association with Nénuphar, Converteam and EDF Energies nouvelles recently launched the Vertiwind project to test a pre-industrial prototype of a vertical-axis offshore floating wind turbine. The partners of the project are Seal Engineering, ISITV, IFP Energies nouvelles, Arts et Métiers, Bureau Veritas, Oceanide.

Free of the constraints related to the foundations of fixed wind turbines, the Vertiwind concept opens new perspectives for wind farms offshore numerous countries notably in the Mediterranean basin, in Europe and the United States.

Technip is responsible for the design of the floater, mooring system, dynamic electrical connection cable, turbine integration as well as on-site installation.

The Vertiwind project has been labelled by the Sea Cluster of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. It is among the first beneficiaries of the program “Investing for the Future”, a component of the “Grand Emprunt”, sponsored by the French Prime Minister through the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

Technip also designed, fabricated and installed Hywind, the first industrial size floating wind turbine, for Statoil in Norway. (Earlier post.)

Technip is a world leader in the fields of project management, engineering and construction for the oil and gas industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions and technologies.



Can these facilities economically act as energy/naval ports in international waters?

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Maybe such facilities could reduce terrorists, targets, and fleet fueling costs.


No need to mention the previous French prime minister who sanctioned the bombing and murder by drowing of the anti - nuclear test - protest ship - the Rainbow Warrior's crewmember. By French intelligence officers while the vessel was docked in Auckland ,New Zealand.
Other than to say that was the previous prime minister/ pesident?

But a floating foundation under any wind generator has an interesting engineering advantage whereby:
The top of the tower deflects and so 'feathers at a rising rate in step with the power of the wind.

No instant overloads etc. That quality would be worth a lot if compared to a rigid or other similar 'engineered' foundation.

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