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Toyota US sales dip in December, flat for 2010; Prius represented 8% of all Toyota vehicles sold in US in 2010

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) reported a decrease in December sales year-on-year on a raw volume basis of 5.5%. For the full year, TMS reported annual sales of 1,763,595 vehicles, essentially flat (down 0.4%) from the same period in 2009 on an unadjusted raw volume basis. 2010 TMS passenger car sales were down 9% to 1,009,385 units, while TMS light truck sales rose 14.1% to 754,210 units.

TMS hybrid sales in December rose 14.2% by volume to 20,522 vehicles, up from 17,964 units in December 2009. TMS 2010 full year hybrid sales dropped 3.3% by volume to 189,147 units (from 195,545 in 2009).

The Prius mid-size gas-electric hybrid posted best-ever December sales of 15,253 units, up 33% by volume over December 2009. Prius logged 140,928 units sold for the full year, up 0.9% from 139,682 units in 2009.

Prius thus represented 75% of all TMS hybrids sold for the year; 8% of all TMS vehicles sold in the US during the year; and 14% of all TMS passenger cars sold in 2010.

In an analysts’s call, Bob Carter, Toyota’s group vice president for US sales, said that the company expected the Prius family to become its top-selling US vehicle line by the end of the decade.

Toyota will stage the world premiere of the Prius family of vehicles at a press conference at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

In addition to the current third-generation Prius and Prius Plug-in vehicle (PHV), the first all-new addition to the Prius Family will debut along with a Prius concept vehicle.



Toyota's quality control issues have returned it back to less saintly ground. Where it belongs.


Toyota will have to (and can do it) regain the first place for quality products. The recently perceived minor quality problems are grossly overstated by supporters of other products.

Secondly, Toyota will have innovate quicker with better ICE not to be oversold by Hyundai, Honda and Nissan. Their Prius line should have 3 or 4 electrified vehicles already.

Wake up Toyota.


This happens when you design cars to last a long time..


THe headline should read something like: "Toyota Prius sales rise 33% while rest of passenger cars drop 9%".
Emphasize the green car.


danm.. ..315,000 2010 Japan Prius sales, 19th month top seller..


Stranger competition will force Toyota to be more innovative. A new HEV every 10 years is not enough. They are late with their PHEVs and BEVs and lower fuel consumption ICE units.


It's odd how the Japanese flock to sticky gas petal death traps for years - it must be the tiny feet..


Kelly. Toyota did not admit it but all troublesome pedals were built outside Japan (mostly, if not all, in North America) Our made in Japan Camry did not have that problem. Lesson number ONE, be careful of the pedals made here. Did somebody try to sabotage Toyota reputation? May be? It has been done before.

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