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ADA Technologies awarded $70k contract to develop advanced electrochemical ultracapacitors for military hybrids

ADA Technologies, Inc. (earlier post) received a $70,000 contract from the US Army for Phase I research into the development of advanced electrochemical ultracapacitor systems for use in hybrid electronic vehicles (HEVs) for high power military applications.

ADA’s research will leverage its recent work funded by the National Science Foundation in which new low cost carbon nanotube (CNT) nanocomposite electrode materials were developed and proven in pouch-cell testing.

We expect the successful completion of this Phase I research to lead to development of ultracapacitors with the energy and power densities needed for military applications. In addition, these ultracapacitors will have safe operation over a wide temperature range and excellent cycle life, making them unique in the market.

—Douglas Campbell, ADA R&D program manager

ADA’s work will be performed in partnership with San Diego, California based Maxwell Technologies, Inc., a commercial provider of ultracapacitors for HEV applications.


Henry Gibson

Both Atraverda and EFFPOWER have made bipolar batteries that can outperform most ultracaps. ..HG..


It seems that ultra-capacitors could be further developed and could be combined with high energy storage batteries to get the best of both worlds.

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