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California ARB staff hosting first meeting of Low Carbon Fuel Standard advisory panel

The staff of the California Air Resources Board is holding the first meeting of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Advisory Panel on 16 Feb 2011.

The LCFS regulation, which became effective as of 15 April 2010, requires ARB to convene a Panel which will consult on two reviews of the LCFS program. The reviews address a broad range of implementation topics and may include recommended amendments to the regulation. Staff will present the results of the two reviews to the Board by 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2015.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Advisory Panel Members

Chairs and Facilitator

Richard Corey, Air Resources Board, Panel Chair
Michelle Buffington, Air Resources Board, Panel Co-Chair
Lindle Hatton, California State University, Sacramento, Facilitator

Panel Members

Dan Adler, California Clean Energy Fund
William Barrett, American Lung Association
Stephanie Batchelor, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Robert Bienenfield, American Honda Motor Co. Inc.
Eric Bowen, Renewable Energy Group
Stephen Brink, California Forestry Association
Geoff Cooper, Renewable Fuels Association
Matthew Crosby, California Public Utilities Commission
Harrison Dillon, Solazyme
Bob Epstein, Entrepreneur
Bob Fletcher, Air Resources Board
Christopher Frantz, Endicott Biofuels, LLC
Fernando Garcia, Amyris, Inc.
Remy Garderet, Energy Independence Now
Christopher Hessler, AJW, Inc
. James Holland, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
James Iacoponi, Propel Fuels, Inc.
Alex Kim, San Diego Gas and Electric
Craig Knoeller, ExxonMobil Refining and Supply Company
Andrew Littlefair, Clean Energy
Christopher Malins, International Council on Clean Transportation
Ralph Moran, BP America, Inc.
Allan Morrison, California Department of Food and Agriculture
Simon Mui, National Resources Defense Council
Michelle Passero, The Nature Conservancy
John Reese, Shell Oil Products US
Cathy Reheis-Boyd, Western States Petroleum Association
Gordon Schremp, California Energy Commission
Frederick Sciance, General Motors
John Shears, the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
H. Daniel Sinks, ConocoPhillips, Inc.
Dwight Stevenson, Tesoro Corporation
Russell Teall, Biodiesel Industries Inc.
James Uihlein, Chevron Corporation
Jurgen Weiss, The Brattle Group
Bob Whiteman, Poet Ethanol Products
Paul Wuebben, South Coast Air Quality Management District
Sonia Yeh, University of California, Davis
Timothy Zenk, Sapphire Energy, Inc.


Todd Campbell, Clean Energy, alternate for Andrew Littlefair
Gina Grey, WSPA, alternate for Cathy Reheis-Boyd
Roland Hwang, National Resources Defense Council, alternate for Simon Mui
Adam Langton, California Public Utilities Commission, alternate for Matthew Crosby



What a FRIGGING joke. Doesn't it strike anyone as funny that over half the low carbon "advisory panel" comes from the oil and gas industry???

Typical disgusting special interests.

Let's let Wall Street decide what rules they need to follow as well!!!

And let's let Boeing and Lockheed and GE decide our military budget!!!

And let's let ConAgra decide our ethanol subsidies!!!

Yeah, this is just a great way to run a country. We're too stupid to last much longer before this whole house of cards collapses on itself from this garbage. But hey, until then....a few really, REALLY rich people will get even richer. Enjoy folks.


Well, NRDC and Nature Conservancy are also on the panel along with some biotech and biofuel reps. Not a terrible mix of people. You've got to get the cooperation of oil and gas if there is to be any movement forward.

Now, if we put Ben and Jerry in charge of Michelle Obama's obesity project - I'd be concerned.

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