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Fuel cell company Bing Energy sets up HQ in Florida; partnership with FSU

Bing Energy Inc. (BEI) of Chino, California, a manufacturer of advanced components for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, is moving its headquarters to Tallahassee, Florida. BEI, in collaboration with Florida State University’s (FSU) Dr. Jim P. Zheng, is planning to turn nanotechnology pioneered at FSU into a better, faster, more economical and commercially viable fuel cell.

Zheng pioneered a fuel cell that incorporates a thin membrane composed of carbon nanotubes, reducing the need for expensive platinum components that, until now, have made fuel cells too expensive to be widely marketed. The technology is based on research and development of buckypaper conducted at FSU’s High-Performance Materials Institute. The institute’s director, Dr. Ben Wang, is the assistant vice president for research at Florida State University.

Bing Energy Inc.’s move to Florida is tied to a $1.9-million award it received from the Governor’s Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development. The award is a Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund in support of job creation. The local Tallahassee and Leon County governments are also supporting Bing Energy Inc. by each providing a 10% match on the QTI Award.

Bing will begin production in March of 2011 and serve the domestic and international energy markets.



Good news for future higher performance lower cost FCs.

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