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BioJet Receives $1.2B funding facility

BioJet International Ltd. has received a US$1.2-billion funding facility from Cayman-based Equity Partners Fund SPC. The funding structure is a 3-year facility; further terms of the funding were not disclosed.

BioJet is an international supply chain integrator in renewable (bio) jet fuel and related co-products which include green diesel, etc. for the aviation and transportation sectors. The funding agreement is designed to allow BioJet a significant source of capital for its supply chain capital projects program including feedstock and refining projects, as well as investment and strategic acquisitions.

This funding agreement with Equity Partners will form the cornerstone of BioJet capital projects and accretive EBIDTA positive acquisitions over the next five years. It enables a clear path to the expansion of our Camelina, Jatropha, and Algae feedstock projects as well as our Avia renewable jet refining projects in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. We will also be seeking acquisitions of listed companies which can add value geographically and strategically.

—Chairman Mitch Hawkins

BioJet operations throughout the entire biofuel value chain engage feedstock generation, technology, refining, logistics, sustainability certification, distribution, and eventual end use by the aviation sector user. BioJet is also the first Alternative Fuels Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association.

Equity Partners Fund focuses on equity investments in public companies with market capitalizations under $1 billion, as well as private companies that will be listed on a securities exchange within six months of a funding commitment. The fund will invest in all sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, mining, communications, healthcare and finance.



$1.2B funding from the Caymans to a biofuel near you..


kelly, rather see it go to a sustainable jet biofuel project than another 9 bathroom home for the fat cat money managers. But that's me.

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