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US Air Force certifies C-17 for unlimited usage of hydrotreated renewable jet fuels in blends up to 50%

The US Air Force recently certified the C-17 Globemaster III for unlimited usage of hydroprocessed blended biofuels known as hydrotreated renewable jet (HRJ) fuels. This certification clears the C-17 to fly on a volumetric blend of up to 50% HRJ fuel with 50% JP-8, as well as a blend of 25% HRJ, 25% synthetic paraffinic kerosene fuel (SPK), and 50% JP-8. (Earlier post.)

This certification marks the Air Force’s first platform to be fully certified using an HRJ blend. This marks a significant achievement for the Air Force, our alternative fuel certification office and our partners in both industry and across the Department of Defense.

—Dr. Kevin Geiss, the deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for energy.

The certification for usage of HRJ biofuel blended with petroleum-based JP-8 fuel represents part of ongoing efforts by Air Force officials to certify and test biofuels from non-petroleum sources.

The move to certify the fleet using the HRJ blend of fuel represents the Air Force’s commitment to assuring the supply, no matter the source, meets the service’s required standards, and demonstrates the Air Force’s commitment to reducing its dependency on foreign sources of oil, Dr. Geiss added.

According to Jeff Braun, the Air Force’s alternative fuel certification office chief, the blended fuel evaluation that combined additional analyses from Boeing, Parker ESD and Pratt & Whitney resulted in no significant differences in engine stability, thrust response or engine steady-state performance.

We expect to conclude HRJ flight testing within the next 12 months, supporting fleetwide HRJ certification within the next 22 months.

—Jeff Braun

This is a big deal.

— Terry Yonkers, the assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, environment and logistics



In the words of Joe Biden - this is a big fu-king deal! The Department of Defense is the biggest consumer of petroleum in the government. The Air Force is the biggest user of petroluem in the DOD...this is a great start.


I agree ejj. I am VERY impressed to see Air Force taking the lead on this. Clearly DOD considers energy supply lines highly strategic. Making your own fuel in secure non-conflict areas is of the highest priority. This alone can help turn the tide of addiction to petroleum. Well done.

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