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Cyclone Power Technologies and its licensee Phoenix Power Group have successfully powered-up the Phoenix 10, producing grid-tied electricity from the clean combustion of used motor oil. (Earlier post.) The event demonstrated the successful functionality of the first small-scale waste oil power generator, and marks the commencement of full system performance and durability testing.

The Phoenix 10 is a novel renewable power system designed specifically for the small business owner. Once in production, slated to commence later this year, the Phoenix 10 will allow thousands of automotive service centers to recycle their used motor oil in an environmentally-friendly and profitable manner.

The system is powered by Cyclone’s WHE-25 engine with a clean-burning combustion chamber designed for the rigors of used motor oil. Coupled with a grid-tied generator, the system produces up to 10kW of power that can off-set a facility’s peak electricity consumption.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, waste oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water. The Phoenix 10 presents an economic incentive for users of motor oil to dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly manner instead of one which can cause harm to the water supply. In tests conducted by an independent third party, the Phoenix 10 running on used motor oil generated 30% less SO2 and almost 50% less NOx than a comparable generator running on diesel fuel.


Nick Lyons

Why isn't waste motor oil just sent back to the refinery and added to the input stream for re-refining? Or something like that?


If the economics of collection, transport, etc. (use this as a stand-in for the energy balance) are such that it's cheaper to generate electricity rather than generating motive power after refining, then that's the reason.

Patrick McCarthy

CYPW to the future!

Patrick McCarthy

To the site admin; There needs to be a way to share this link on facebook etc.

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