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DOE to award up to $5M to support the next generation of advanced automotive designers and engineers

The US Department of Energy will award up to $5 million in funding to support Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Centers of Excellence. (DE-FOA-0000442) The GATE Centers will focus on educating a future workforce of automotive engineering professionals who will gain experience in developing and commercializing advanced automotive technologies.

The GATE Centers of Excellence will provide graduate level inter-disciplinary education in critical automotive technology areas including:

  • Advanced Combustion Engines
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Advanced Energy Storage
  • Advanced Hybrid Propulsion and Control Systems

The goal of the GATE Centers for Excellence is to overcome technology barriers to the development and production of cost-effective, high-efficiency vehicles for the US market. The awards will fund curriculum development and expansion, in addition to student fellowship opportunities for graduate engineering degrees in critical automotive technologies. Award eligibility is restricted to US colleges and universities and university-affiliated research institutions with accredited graduate engineering programs.

Applications must be submitted through Grants.gov no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on 18 April 2011.



WOW...$5M for advanced future cars and $775B for Wall Street?


Ha ha Harvey. Not far from wrong.

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