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GreenMan Subsidiary to test CNG/Diesel dual fuel upgrade on refuse transfer truck

American Power Group Inc., a subsidiary of GreenMan Technologies Inc., has signed an EPA Test Vehicle Agreement with Waste Connections of Colorado, Inc. to convert one of its refuse transfer trucks to APG’s dual fuel system and begin on-the-road test trials and emission compliance approval.

APG’s dual fuel system displaces 40%-70% of the normal diesel fuel consumption with CNG, LNG, or bio-methane. APG’s system is non-invasive to the OEM engine and operates within all OEM performance controls with the flexibility to return to 100% diesel operation at any time.

The dual fuel conversion and emissions reduction systems lower carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions. In addition, the introduction of natural gas through APG’s dual fuel system does not impact diesel engine power or pulling torque and will assist in extending the engine’s oil life as natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel compared to diesel.

APG recently received a Vehicular Memorandum of Exemption from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowing public highway access for the testing and verification of APG’s non-invasive dual fuel upgrade system on aftermarket diesel truck and tractor engines.

The test exemptions will allow APG to gather engine performance and emission data on a pre-dual fuel and post-dual fuel basis to support EPA approval requirements and commence commercialization of their non-invasive dual fuel upgrade system in the United States. The initial vehicle to be tested for Waste Connections of Colorado, Inc. will be a 2007 11.5L / 405 hp Mack refuse truck operating in the Denver metropolitan area.

Waste Connections of Colorado, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Waste Connections, Inc., an integrated solid waste services company that provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling services in mostly secondary markets in the Western and Southern US. The company serves more than two million residential, commercial and industrial customers across 27 states. Waste Connections also provides intermodal services for the movement of solid waste and cargo containers in the Pacific Northwest.


Henry Gibson

It is well known in the power industry that diesel engines can run on natural gas for 90 percent or more of its fuel by feeding natural gas with the intake air. The same is also true of propane and even butane. Many diesel emergency generators use this feature to conserve diesel fuel when natural gas remains available. In places where the gas grid is available, electronics allow people to no longer be attached to the electrical grid. ..HG..


A huge problem for getting more of America converting to CNG has been the availability of a CNGPUMP home fueling station. I saw a new system being offered at nrgpump.com that puts out 2GGE per hour, is anyone else familiar with home fueling stations? this was about $5000 complete, I looked into one that used to be offered by Honda but they are no longer selling it, besides it only put out about 1/2 gallon per hour and I don't want to wait 12 hours to fill an empty 6gall tank.

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