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Imperia introduces plug-in hybrid Imperia GP roadster

Belgian automaker Imperia presented its Imperia GP plug-in hybrid roadster at the Brussels Motor Show in January. Following European regulation R101 for plug-in hybrids, the mixed consumption—gasoline and electricity—of the Imperia GP barely reaches 1.9 L/100km (124 mpg US) plus 11.5 kWh/100km and the CO2 emissions are below 50 g/km.

The Imperia plug-in roadster. Click to enlarge.

The Imperia GP features a 156 kW, 260 N·m (209 hp, 192 lb-ft), 1.6L turbocharged, gasoline direct injection engine; a 100kW, 300 N·m induction motor; and about an 11 kWh 355V lithium polymer battery pack (1P96S layout). All electric range is estimated to be 50-80 km (31-50 miles). The Imperia GP accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds in purely electric mode, and in 4.0 seconds in hybrid mode

Imperia’ PowerHybrid system allows the driver to decide at any time, via a selector, the type of propulsion required: electric or hybrid. Using another control, the driver decides whether he/she intends to run the batteries down completely (in order to recharge them on the mains, having reached the destination), or wants to keep a reserve to be used when entering urban traffic.

The car features a 3 kW on-board charger. With a 200V 16 A plug, 85% charge is achieved in 4h, 100% in 5h.

Pricing is €103,223 (US$141,000) excl. VAT.

The new Imperia Automobiles is reviving the name of a company both famous and Liege-based, which was at the height of its success in the 1st half of the 20th century.



Not very affordable at US$141,000. But it is not suppose to be so.

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