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Iran produces biodiesel from Jatropha

Fars News Agency (FNA) reports that Iranian experts and scientists for the first time managed to produce biodiesel fuel using the oil extracted from Jatropha curcas plant cultivated in Southern Iran.

“Iran could produce biodiesel fuel through extracting oil from Jatropha plant which was grown in Bandar Abbas in a pilot (project),” member of the Presiding Board of Iran’s Scientific Forestry Association Peiman Yousefi Azar told FNA on Sunday.

...Elaborating on the advantages of biodiesel fuel for different machines and systems, Yousefi Azar reiterated that using biodiesel fuel decreases air pollution and CO2 gas up to 85%.



"Iran produces biodiesel from Jatropha" Who cares? How about if they produce democracy instead? Maybe they did it just because they wanted to see if they could but it seems kind of pointless for them (with their oil reserves).


Democracy versus oil and/or bio-fuel production. Do current days glorified democracies produce cleaner oil than others? Isn't it the other way around. We pollute more per capita than most non-democratic countries. Why do we continue to believe than we treat the environment better? We are about the worse offenders but our eyes are wide shut.

Lets hope that the world will not eventually drive as many heavy ICE trucks, consume as much energy, eat as much junk food and produce as much garbage as we do.


THis is carrying coal to Newcastle. Why on earth would Iranian scientists be fiddling with this? Maybe their oil "reserves" are way overstated.

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