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New Ford Focus with Super Fuel Economy package EPA-certified at 40 mpg highway

The new Ford Focus (earlier post) with the SFE (Super Fuel Economy) package is EPA-certified at 40 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg city. Focus becomes the fourth vehicle in the Ford Motor Company vehicle lineup with an EPA-certified rating of 40 mpg (on either city or highway cycles) or more.

The Focus is fitted with a completely new 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection DOHC four-cylinder engine that combines high-pressure direct injection and twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. This engine delivers more power than the current 2.0-liter Duratec unit featured in the North American Focus, while contributing to fuel economy gains of more than 10%.

To maximize its performance and economy advantage, the engine is mated with the latest dry-clutch six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission. A high-efficiency dual dry-clutch design, the transmission alone can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9% compared to a traditional four-speed automatic.

The SFE package also includes 16-inch steel wheels with aero wheel covers, active grille shutters, high-efficiency tires, four-wheel disc brakes, rear spoiler and a special SFE badge.

The Ford Focus employs full active grille shutters to help optimize aerodynamics by using vents to control airflow through the grille to the cooling system and engine compartment. If air is required to cool the engine, the vents are opened. If no airflow is needed the vents are shut, contributing to significantly reduced aerodynamic drag.

Mounted in the grille aperture ahead of the radiator, the active grille shutters feature motorized horizontal vanes that can rotate through 90 degrees to block the airflow. Automatically controlled by the car’s electronic control unit, the vanes can be rotated into 15 different positions—from fully closed to fully open—depending on the amount of cooling air required. When fully closed, the reduction in drag means the active grille shutters can reduce CO2 emissions by 2%.

As an additional benefit, the system keeps the vanes closed as long as possible when starting from cold, so the engine reaches its most efficient operating temperature more quickly. This also helps reduce fuel consumption.

The three other 2011 models achieving at least 40 mpg are the Ford Fiesta SE with SFE package (40 mpg highway) and the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (41 mpg city).


Nick Lyons

Interesting that the Fiesta SFE is rated 29/40 while the larger Focus SFE is rated almost the same: 28/40. Fiesta has 1.6L I4 vs 2.0L for Focus. Both use 6-speed auto transmission. Big difference that I can see is direct injection for the Focus.

Next step: Eco-boost 1.6 for the Focus, along with idle-stop. Get that city mpg into the 30s.


Its good to see a 'normal' car getting 40mpg, although its not really any amazing new technologies just a combination of a few mature ones.

Although the 2 litre DI engine could be a good base for an aktinson cycle engine in a hybrid


Almost as good as the Chevy Cruze Eco. Thanks for participating.


frank, you mean the Cruze eco with a manual transmission which over 90% American won't buy?

FYI, Cruze eco with auto transmission only gets 37 mpg hwy.


People who want "super" fuel economy but like being stickless = how many?
So Ford has the best stickless C-segment FE. Proud to be the fastest dog on two legs. He would be faster on all four, but no longer remarkable.
You use the 90% stickless stat for all cars, but this is a pretty specific segment. Penetration in the C segment is more like 40% for manual. Penetration is 100% for the highest FE car, The Cruze eco.


I thought the Prius and VW Beetle/Jetta TDI had the highest FE?

A stick shift is a barrier to many drivers; sticks haven't been taught in most driver's ed for decades. Opening up the market to the average driver can only help, and there can be no doubt that Ford's marketing people know that.



Any proof that 40% of C segment is manual in the U.S.?

Cruze eco is the highest FE car?
Do you have any clue?

It would take more than a miracle for Cruze Eco M6 to outsell the true highest FE car in America, the Prius.


here's the clue I have and will give you again,.. slowly.
highest..... mpg.... c-segment.....stick.

Multi-Modal Commuter Dude (formerly known as Bike Commuter Dude)

It's too bad that GM hasn't been able to develop an automated manual such as the DSG by Volkswagon. From what I understand, it provides better economy than either the automatic OR the conventional clutch-it-yourself manual. I could be mistaken, but I believe Ford's new dual-clutch automated manual improves the mileage of the new Ford Fiesta.

Or, better yet, GM and Ford could boldly leap into the 21st century (albeit 11 years later than, say, Toyota...) and develop a CVT. The Lineartronic continuously variable transmission in the new Subaru Outback improved the fuel economy 5 mpg (hwy) over the old manual gearbox.

Multi-Modal Commuter Dude (formerly known as Bike Commuter Dude)

In any event, as the automotive fleet is gradually but surely electrified, this will all be a pointless argument, as we will begin to see more direct drive and single-speed transmissions.

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