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Report: Subaru Nordic considering converting Legacy and Outback models to natural gas

The Local in Sweden reports that Subaru may start making vehicles in Sweden, possibly at a vacant Saab Automobile facility. According to the report, the plans involve converting midsize Legacy and crossover Outback models to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Subaru Nordic communications and PR director Thomas Possling told The Local that a decision on going into production will be made before the summer.

He declined to name other sites that Subaru is looking at, as well as how much Subaru is prepared to invest in this venture, but suggested that the company was confident interest was there for even 2,000 cars.

“The thing is, the project is a Swedish project, it’s not Subaru Japan or [parent company] Fuji Heavy Industries. It’s a Nordic area project with BRC. From Subaru Japan, we only have technical support. They are not involved in this project in any other way,” said Possling.



Let's see... Do I want to drive to the CNG dealer 15 miles away - or plug in my EV at home overnight??

Consumers consider convenience AND price.

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