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Saft Li-ion battery technology selected for residential solar energy storage project in California

Saft will supply Li-ion-based renewable energy storage for 2500 R Street, California’s first micro-grid, distributed energy community housing project. These advanced homes will use the latest in smart grid, solar generation and energy storage to ensure each home generates as much clean energy as it uses, thus maximizing homeowner utility bill savings.

Pacific Housing, Inc., a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, is developing the 2500 R Street project as an affordable, progressive, sustainable and efficient 34-home community in Sacramento. The homes are designed to meet stringent energy-efficient guidelines as well as offer an expedited construction schedule with emphasis on reducing construction waste. Additional advantages include reduction of resources, cost reduction and minimizing green house gas emissions. Each home utilizes Sunverge Energy’s Solar Integration System (SIS), with energy storage from Saft, to shift electrical loads, flatten peak electricity demand and maximize return on renewable energy investments.

Saft’s Synerion E lithium-ion battery will be integrated into Sunverge’s Solar Integration System to capture solar energy and store it for use when needed most by the homeowner.

The modular battery design offers a number of features important to the 2500 R Street project, including excellent cycling capability, low maintenance, long calendar life and an intelligent self-diagnostic platform. It offers high energy density, millisecond-level response time and power capability, both in charge and discharge. Additionally, Saft's Li-ion technology provides precise information on the battery’s state-of-charge, a vital function in a dynamically operating energy storage system. Another important component of the SIS energy appliance is Schneider Electric’s Xantrex XW hybrid Inverter/Charger, which performs the function of converting DC electricity from the solar panels and battery into useful household AC power.



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