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UK-based motor control specialist Sevcon is providing compact, high power controllers for Peugeot’s new e-Vivacity battery-electric scooter designed for urban use.

The scooter, due to launch in spring 2011, is powered by two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and has a range of 60 km (37 miles) at a constant speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

The scooter will incorporate Sevcon’s new Gen 4 size 2 motor controllers which will be used to channel energy from the 2 kWh battery system. The recently launched Gen 4 series controllers are designed to control both AC Asynchronous and Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors.

Ultra-compact, the Gen 4 controllers being used by Peugeot boast the latest in electronic motor control technology and are the smallest in the industry relative to power delivery, according to Sevcon.

They are designed for off and on-road use—making them ideal for city center bikes like the e-Vivacity—and can be integrated into very tight engine compartments and body spaces without sacrificing performance.

The Gen4 range is part of a comprehensive range of AC and DC motor controllers, power converters and battery chargers for electric powered vehicles.

Size 2 Gen4 controllers are available in the form of three individual new products with ratings of 275A at 36-48V‚ 300A at 24V and 180A at 72-96V.

The new controllers are fully CANopen compliant, enabling simple and flexible software integration with vehicle drive and control system components through a series of input and output connections. This ability also allows full integration with vehicle diagnostics and dashboard displays of speed, battery status and other scooter controls.


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