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Alitalia and Solena to begin study on conversion of municipal solid waste into biojet

Alitalia and the Solena Group have signed a letter of intent to initiate a study on the feasibility of the construction of a plant capable of converting municipal solid waste in a significant portion of the jet fuel needed by the Alitalia aircraft fleet, thus ensuring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and provide a stable supply of fuel.

The agreement between Alitalia and Solena Group is part of the program called Green Sky which has already seen Solena Group cooperate with British Airways for the conversion of municipal solid waste of the London metropolitan area into jet fuel for aircraft operating at Heathrow. (Earlier post.)

The study is aimed at assessing the feasibility of implementing a system for the conversion of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of municipal solid waste (mixed biomasses) via gasification and Fischer-Tropsch conversion into aircraft biofuel, in order to meet part of Alitalia’s fuel needs, reducing the consumption of conventional jet fuel and as a consequence of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (up to 96%).

Solena Group also plans to involve national and local authorities in the construction project. The technology proposed by Solena Group also offers a solution to the problem of the dispersion of solid waste in landfills, avoiding gas emissions harmful to the health and the environment.


Henry Gibson

Good idea just site the factory on a railway spur to the nearest coal mine as well as close to the landfill. ..HG..


Assuming that this could break the Italian? mafia's stranglehold on streetside municipal waste disposal systems.


Different groups may use different methods but the end results are much the same.

USA's major banks had a net profit of about $450B in 2010 and $135B of it (or 30%) was, for all intents and purposes, embezzled by the managers.

The 30% above is almost the same rate taken by the mafia.

However, one is called legal and the other is called illegal.

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