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Toyota to introduce Yaris hybrid concept, Prius+ at Geneva Motor Show

Making its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Yaris HSD hybrid concept anticipates Toyota’s intention to bring full hybrid technology to the B segment, the biggest volume segment in Europe. This represents the next step in Toyota’s full hybrid roll-out strategy in Europe.

The Prius+, also debuting at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, is a further expansion of the Prius family. (Earlier post.) The Prius+ is the first car to offer European customers the versatility of 7 seats combined with a full hybrid powertrain.

Reinforcing its conviction that full hybrid technology is the key to sustainable mobility in the future, Toyota’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show stand will be dedicated to the company’s range of sophisticated Hybrid Synergy Drive® technologies. These include full Hybrid Vehicles (HV), Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV), Electric Vehicles (EV), and Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV) on display.


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This will be the second model line where Toyota makes the hybrid drive available among other gasoline and diesel drive-train options. The first one was Toyota Auris hybrid, the only hybrid that has better fuel economy than the Prius. Prius is rated at 25 km/l and the Auris hybrid at 26.3km/l. It could very well be that the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will beat the Auris on fuel economy and price as it is a smaller vehicle.

Honda is also perusing this strategy of eventually delivering their entire model lineup with the hybrid option. Their first model to do this is the Honda Fit and it has been an enormous success in Japan, its only market so far, where the Honda Fit sold nearly 15000 in January 2011 (outselling the Prius) of which 50% was the Hybrid version. See link.

If the Toyota Yaris hybrid is also such a success as the Honda Fit Hybrid it will prompt all other automaker to follow. Moreover, Honda and Toyota will accelerate their efforts on including the hybrid option in all of their models.


The hybrid Yaris will have to be better than the diesel Yaris in terms of mpg, and not much more expensive.
I hope they can manage it.
They should as they have been making hybrids for 10 years or so at this stage.

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I have no doubt the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will have higher mpg than the Toyota Yaris diesel. For comparison in Denmark the Toyota Auris Hybrid costs 308000 DKK with average fuel efficiency of 26.3 km/l and the most expensive Auris diesel costs 310.000 DKK with average fuel efficiency of 19.2km/l. The most expensive Toyota Yaris diesel cost 243000 DKK with average fuel efficiency of 23.8km/l. Therefore, I guess that The Toyota Yaris Hybrid will probably also cost about 243000 DKK but have a fuel efficiency of about 30 km/l.

Toyota Auris Hybrid is really competing with VW Golf blue motion diesel that costs 301000 DKK but has a fuel efficiency of a 26.3 km/l just as the Auris.

I think the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be a better deal than the Toyota Yaris diesel for most Toyota customers. However, the real competition will come from the VW Polo blue motion diesel that costs 180000 DKK with a fuel efficiency of 30.3 km/l. That combination of price and efficiency is going to be very difficult to match with a gasoline hybrid. I don’t think the Toyota Yaris Hybrid can match that price but it might be more responsive than the Polo blue motion.

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