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UPS Joins ITM Power’s hydrogen on-site trials

UPS has signed an agreement to participate in the Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) of ITM Power’s transportable high pressure refuelling unit (HFuel) in the UK.

HFuel is a self-contained module suitable for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles and forklift trucks. It is based around a modular platform (standard freight containers) and can be expanded at any point after the initial installation enabling a staged roll-out of hydrogen fuel.

HFuel generates hydrogen by electrolysis, compresses it, stores it and dispenses the gas on demand at high pressure (nominally 350 bar/35MPa). It requires an on-site water and electricity supply but is otherwise an autonomous solution for refuelling hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The HFuel unit was built with support from the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and was launched at the company’s AGM on 15 September 2010.

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company, a global leader in logistics services, and one of the world’s most recognized brands, operating in over 220 countries and territories. UPS has more than 100,000 delivery vehicles worldwide, including the largest private alternative fuel fleet in the transportation industry, with close to 2,000 vehicles.


Henry Gibson

A Provo, Utah, USA company made the HINDENBUG and a hydrogen fueling system for vehicles 40 years ago. At least a fraction of nuclear power is available in the UK to make the hydrogen. It is cheaper to make it from natural gas and air and steam and force it through a palladium metal membrane.

It is far cheaper to use the electricity to charge batteries and there are some good ones coming from Atraverda perhaps. ..HG..

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