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Valence Technology wins Canadian patent infringement lawsuit

Valence Technology, Inc., a US-based global manufacturer of advanced energy storage solutions, prevailed in a patent infringement lawsuit regarding its carbothermal reduction technology.

The lawsuit was filed against Phostech Lithium, Inc. on 31 January 2007. Per the judgment, Justice Johanne Gauthier ruled in Valence’s favor, finding infringement of the Valence primary carbothermal reduction Canadian patent, number 2,395,115. Pursuant to the judgment, Valence is entitled to an injunction, an election of either an accounting of profits or damages, reasonable compensation and costs. The determination of damages and costs will be dealt with in a separate Court proceeding.

Valence scientists developed the economical process of manufacturing lithium metal phosphates following their discovery of Valence’s proprietary lithium iron magnesium phosphate cathode material. The process, referred to as Carbothermal Reduction (CTR), provides an efficient, cost effective, stable and scalable method of producing various lithium metal phosphates useful as cathode materials.



"The lawsuit was filed against Phostech Lithium, Inc. on 31 January 2007."

Nice to see the court only took four some years. Bet US courts and attorneys could do it in seven years, before appeals, for the highest justice money can buy.


Didn't the University of Texas do the original R & D? Did Valence buy those rights or Phostech?


Big money usually buys a judge in a shorter period of time. Four years is a long wait for a judge to be paid.

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