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New electric car sharing scheme for Brussels

Sustainable-mobility.org. Zen Car and the Société Régionale d’Investissement de Bruxelles will partner to set up an electric car sharing scheme in Brussels as of March. The project may be supported by the state.

29 cars will be put into circulation; charging will be possible at around fifteen parking spaces in the centre, the east and the south of the city...Drivers interested in the Zen Car will have to pay certain fees: €40 joining fees, a €6 monthly subscription and an hourly rate of €7 regardless of the distance covered, to use the car (at current rates, around £34, £5, and £5.80, respectively).

Like its French counterpart Autolib’, run by the city of Paris, the Zen Car project could receive the support of the Belgian state. Brigitte Grouwels, Brussels Minister for Public Works and Transport, would even like to integrate the Zen Car into the public transport system.


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