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BMW Group and Vattenfall Europe have begun a second phase of the Mini E test fleet in Berlin, with the transfer of 70 MINI E electric vehicles to private customers (30 units) and fleet users (40 units).

The aim of the project, funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), is to optimize the charging strategy to the use of wind energy for the MINI E to achieve the best possible. 20 MINI E users will be able to use the prototype of a route planner for smartphones, which can display charging stations along a selected route.

Also, the final reports of the consortium partners of the firs MINI E Berlin project were presented to the Federal Environment Ministry official. This included two six-month successive phases of use (beginning in June 2009), and represented nearly 500,000 kilometers of driving. The MINI E were charged mainly at night, using certified green electricity from Vattenfall. Three out of four Berlin MINI E users advocated an exclusive use of renewable energy sources for electric vehicles in the future.

The MINI E Fleet trials began in 2009 in the USA (New York, Los Angeles and in the state of New Jersey), UK (Oxford / London) and Germany (Munich and Berlin). This fleet tests subsequently expanded into France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo) and China (Beijing and Shenzhen). In cooperation with the Federal Environment Ministry, BMW AG in China, together with the Society for International Cooperation (GIC) Ltd. and Chinese partners are examining ways to support the use of renewable energy sources for electric vehicles. A memorandum of understanding was signed recently in Berlin.


Henry Gibson

Renewable energy is like the tides and related to cults and the Alice stories. Merkel is the Red Qween who "believes impossible things before breakfast." Her Saxon forbear Canute knew better than to believe that he could control the tides. The figures on renewable energy always include the long developed water power sites which ruined the ecology of lakes and rivers and which cannot be substantially increased. Expensive energy for a country can ruin the economics and now with oil tree farms the ecology of far distant countries. Germany has been increasing its carbon releases in spite of the treaties and controls and vast investments in very expensive renewable power. It should also forbid the import of oil. If it is going to stop the use of nuclear and rely on renewables, it should immediately turn off all imports of power from France and other external places and also turn of all nuclear reactors and watch its economy die in days as the people fight for coal generated power which also should be reduced by fifty percent a year. Germany is making the little countries pay much more for oil by using carbon fuels instead of nuclear and killing their economies and people in the process. Germany was the first to make large amount of liquid fuels from coal and they could be reducing the world price of oil by making fuel from coal and exporting it when they have met their own needs. A country that imports oil in vast quantities cannot be allow to continue to pretend that it is going to use renewable energy in the face of economic facts that it is far more expensive and limited. There is not enough growing area in germany to make the fuel now used and there is not enough land area for wind or solar to replace all of the oil used. Germany does not even grow all of the food that it uses. The GREEN cult of Germany is far more deadly to the environment and people than the Jones cult started in the US and is based on equally false premises. ..HG..

Lee Jestings

How can I get in touch with you? I have an engine question for you and I an intrigued by your past blog posts. My email is [email protected]. Thanks

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