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Cyclone signs Letter of Understanding with TopLine Energy for manufacture of external combustion engines

Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. has entered into a Letter of Understanding with TopLine Energy Systems, LLC, a licensee of global manufacturing leader TopLine Automotive Engineering, Inc., to build Cyclone’s external combustion engines. (Earlier post.)

Under the terms of this preliminary agreement, TopLine Energy will provide assistance with engineering and planning of Cyclone’s WHE-25 model engines, and manufacture pre-production prototypes of these units starting immediately.

Given the acceptable completion and review of this first stage, TopLine Energy will position itself as the preferred manufacturer for Cyclone’s operating subsidiary Cyclone-WHE LLC, for mass production of these engines. Initial planned uses for the Cyclone WHE-25 range from industrial and vehicular waste heat recovery, to power generation from waste fuels such as used motor oil, to other similar renewable power applications.

TopLine Automotive, a 30+ year-old company, is currently one of the largest manufacturers of automotive after-market parts in the United States, supplying more than 50% of the market.



This could led to a significant contract for Cyclone’s external combustion engines.

Henry Gibson

The Sterling engines made by Infinia for solar collectors or those made by others could be used with more ease and efficiency. ..HG..

Henry Gibson

Capstone turbine has an experimental solar operated turbine that could be or has been modified to use any source of heat. An external combustion Capstone turbine could use any kind of gas or fuel including untreated landfill gas or crude oil. There are very interesting ways to build such heating furnaces for efficiency and low emissions. They can even capture SO2 which is much more difficult with the low concentrations required for gas turbines. ..HG..

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