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Daihatsu to price new minicar below $10K; most fuel efficient car in Japan, excluding hybrids

Nikkei. Daihatsu Motor Co. will sell its new minivehicle to be released this summer for less than ¥800,000 (US$9,900).

The Toyota Motor Corp. group firm had earlier indicated a price below 1 million yen, but opted to make the e:S car even more affordable to better compete with its main rivals: hybrids and electric vehicles. Chairman Kousuke Shiramizu revealed these plans in a speech in Kitakyushu.

At less than 800,000 yen, the e:S will cost about half as much as Honda Motor Co.’s basic Fit Hybrid subcompact, which is priced at 1.59 million yen. Its 30km per liter [70.6 mpg US, 3.33 L/100km] fuel economy, as measured under a new national standard to be introduced next month, makes it the most fuel-efficient car in Japan, excluding hybrids.



May not sell as well in America, with our much higher population of fat people and tall people...the Japanese are mostly short and skinny, so more people there will fit in this kind of car & not experience issues with vehicle performance like a fat and or tall American would.


At 70mpg I would go on a diet. Bring it to America. Why couldn't a lot of kids drive a car like this or is it the kids are too fat as well. Maybe this car comes with a few less cupholders and does not have a cheeseburger stand in it so maybe it forces you to lose weight. Is that 70mpg for skinny people or does it apply to fat people too? LOL


In America, 1% owns 90% of the wealth and bailouts. We need many under $10,000 cars.


The 1% with 90+% of the wealth already have new 6000 lbs cars. Unfortunately, close to 60% of the other 99% are over weight and would not fit very well in mini cars.

However, it would be technically possible to build larger ultra light special units for our 200 million junk food addicts.

The average American is getting shorter but heavier every year. If this trend keeps up we will see a lot of 5 x 5 within 2 or 3 decades. Future 2-passenger mini cars may need one 36-inch front seat and one 36-inch back seat. A four-seat mini-limo may be required for a family with 2 over weight children.


yet the Mini sells, and I see quite a few heavy people driving them.


If you go on Kelly Blue Book ( and compare car technical specifications, you see that some small cars are roomy inside. Most people have a perceptions that they will be cramped, it will be noisy and a bumpy ride, but that is not always so.

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