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EPA awards $32M to fund 4 new Clean Air Research Centers

The US Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $32 million to fund four new Clean Air Research Centers at universities conducting advanced air pollution research. The research will focus on the impacts of air pollution mixtures on people’s health.

Each center will receive approximately $8 million over five years. They are located at:

  • Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Harvard University, Boston, Mass.
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.
  • University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

The research centers will explore the health impacts on children and older citizens to determine which health effects occur at different life stages. The centers will also study those most susceptible to air pollution, including people with pre-existing conditions and people living in communities where there are greater health risks associated with air pollution. A range of health effects ranging from cardiovascular and pulmonary problems to neurological and inflammation outcomes will also be examined.



Uhhhh so you're telling me there are no existing research centers researching clean air? Utterly ridiculous.

Henry Gibson

They just have to answer these questions. What is the source of most of the electricity energy in the US?: Fossil fuels. What is the source of most of the electric energy in France: Nuclear power. What source of energy is the only original source of energy? Nuclear energy, fission or fusion. Almost all of the energy in fossil fuels came from the sun's fusion reactions. Some of it and all geothermal energy comes from fission. What area is needed to supply all electrical energy of the US with wind? More than all of the US. How many pounds of coal is needed to supply the energy of one pound of nuclear fuel from a surplus weapon? Three million pounds. About how much nuclear waste does the pound produce when used? A fourth of a cup or less, one pound. How much of this gets into the air? A few micro grams at most.

What is the US going to do about this? Forget that all life is radioactive as well as all rocks and soil and complain that any additional radioactivity is to dangerous with a text message from a phone whilst driving. ..HG..


I agree HG - we need more nuclear. The EPA does NOT need $32 million for new research on stuff they already spend money to research!!! But don't complain because then you'll be declared someone who likes dirty air! And after these research centers are established and wrought with fraud waste and abuse, people that want to cut them will be deemed mean-spirited & environment trashers.

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