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GS Yuasa Lithium Power introduces LIM50E series of Li-ion battery modules for industrial and grid-storage markets

GS Yuasa Lithium Power, Inc. has introduced two new lithium-ion battery modules—LIM50E-7G and LIM50E-8G—targeted at applications including utility grid ancillary support, community energy storage, industrial electric vehicles, telecommunications back-up power and others.

Basic module specifications:

Nominal capacity 50 Ah 50 Ah
Nominal voltage 25.9 V 29.6 V
External dimensions (WxLxH) 180x412x135 mm 215x414x135 mm
Mass 15.0 kg 17.5 kg
Maximum discharge current 300 A 300 A
Maximum charge current 125 A 125 A
Operating temperature -10 to +45 °C -10 to +45 °C

Management electronics include the monitoring of individual cell voltage and temperature; overcharge, over discharge and abnormal temperature reporting; and cell balancing.

The addition of the LIM50E modules to our product portfolio brings GS Yuasa’s recognized high level of lithium-ion battery engineering, quality and performance to batteries targeting the industrial and grid storage market. By taking advantage of the automated high rate cell production at GS Yuasa’s manufacturing facilities in Japan, we can provide high quality lithium ion battery systems to meet the cost targets and production capacity required by these growing market segments.

—Bill Moll, president of GS Yuasa Lithium Power


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