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Sunverge Energy has selected International Battery to provide a Li-ion energy storage systems (ESS) as the energy storage component of Sunverge’s Solar Integration System (SIS). This fully integrated distributed energy system will provide a turnkey solar solution to support a Net-Zero Home Energy demonstration at the Philadelphia Navy Yard’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub.

The Energy Innovation Hub will include a live demonstration of a microgrid with a 2,700 square foot net-zero energy home. International Battery will provide Sunverge with an 8.2 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack for use in the residential SIS system.

Sunverge Energy has developed a turn-key distributed energy solution that captures solar energy at its most plentiful and stores it for use during peak demand hours, when cost to produce and deliver electricity is at its highest.

From multiple small Sunverge units, energy can be managed independently and in aggregate to produce significant grid-scale benefits, resulting in faster, cleaner and more reliable energy than conventional grid resources. The Sunverge SIS will provide improvements in power quality and economy while the system will benefit from peak load reduction, demand response participation and a decline in greenhouse gas emissions.

—Sunverge Energy President Ken Munson

Overseeing the Energy Innovation Hub at the Navy Yard Clean Energy Campus is The Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC), a consortium of academic institutions, federal laboratories, global industry partners, regional economic development agencies and other stakeholders that joined forces to secure more than $130 million in federal grants from the Department of Energy.

International Battery produces commercial Lithium ion products using a water-based manufacturing process that helps to eliminate toxic solvents.


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