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Liberty Electric Cars, a UK company formed in 2008 to re-engineer of large luxury cars and SUVs into electric vehicles (earlier post), has stated that it is seeking a way to rescue electric commercial vehicle maker Modec, which recently entered administration (earlier post).

Liberty Electric Cars CEO, Barry Shrier, has committed significant resources within the Liberty organization to see how to help Modec. Speaking earlier in the week, Shrier said that he believes Modec needs to be rescued by a UK firm to secure jobs and retain engineering expertise in this country.

Shrier went on to outline Liberty’s technology road map and growing list of customers, speculating that a combined Liberty/Modec organization would make a formidable player in the emerging EV sector.



Is it any wonder these little outfits fail? They have no commercial technology. It is pointless to try to build EVs with half-assed ESS. Better to build hybrids until there is enough field tested technology to make commercial products.

Of course, everybody should be free to dream. Er, maybe that needs repeat-repeating:
"everybody should be free to dream."


Navistar, who were partnered with Modec in the US, could have easily saved them. Navistar sells several hybrid trucks already, and has developed a PHEV system.

Would not surprise me to see Navistar instead push the PHEVs on their existing chassis instead, no range anxiety for business owners and still most of the benefits. Its probably cheaper for Navistar to do a PHEV class 4/5 truck, and would find more willing buyers than the Modec.


It's a real shame Modec are in trouble. In my part of London there are several companies using their electric vans, including UPS, and they look like they are pretty practical.

I disagree with the other posters - I think there is a market for electric only delivery vehicles even if they are range limited. There are plenty of urban applications where the daily range is known and overnight charging is feasible. I guess as with everything else price and reliability also have to be up to scratch.


You have to get to people and business where they live, in their wallets and bank accounts. If I can convince a business that they save money converting their delivery vehicles to dual fuel with natural gas, they will listen. You can count on self interest having a greater effect.

In development, organizations had a hard time bringing rationality to unconstrained growth. Then they showed the people what traffic, air quality, schools and other life quality would be like if the growth was allowed without other considerations.

Overwhelmingly people responded when their quality of life would degrade. They had been conditioned to believe that all growth and development was good, without considering the downside. Never underestimate self interest.

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