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NETL concluding gasification simulation project

Scientists from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) are concluding a three-year project using supercomputers at Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories for simulations to reduce the cost and time of building commercial-scale gasifiers.

NETL’s Clean Coal Power Initiative, a cost-shared venture of government and industry, aims to employ a commercial-scale gasifier system to sequester 90 percent of the carbon from coal with minimal impact to electricity costs.

High-performance computing is allowing us to reveal and study features of the gas-solids flow in a gasifier to a degree never before possible, experimentally or computationally.

—Madhava Syamlal, principal investigator



..and the results are??

Henry Gibson

Dakota Gasification is already delivering clean energy from coal in the form of methane to the pipes, CO2 to Canada and ammonia sulfate and ammonia to the fields. They could demonstrate Zero CO2 electrical production from coal with a little bit of creative accounting and a gas engine generator by the end of next week. ..HG..

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