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New app targets sharing plugs for EVs

Xatori Inc. has released the PlugShare App for iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store. PlugShare is a community-driven electric vehicle (EV) charging network that allows iPhone and iPod touch owners in the United States to share their charging outlets with one another. PlugShare users can choose to share 240v J1772 plugs (compatible with the latest generation of EVs, such as the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt) or standard 120v outlets. PlugShare also includes an up-to-date listing of public charging stations.

With the PlugShare App, users can:

  • Share electricity with others
  • Browse a listing of public charging stations
  • View profiles of other PlugShare members
  • Call or text other PlugShare members
  • Search for places to charge
  • Connect with other EV owners and enthusiasts
  • Set privacy and notification settings
  • Get directions to shared outlets or charging stations

Users can freely browse the map of PlugShare members and charging stations, but must create a PlugShare account to view address and profile information. Users do not need a special outlet or an electric vehicle to sign up.



Eventually, myriads of wireless charge stations will be available to everybody with properly equipped electrified vehicles. Voltage, current and rate of charge will be automatically adjusted to suit the vehicle's battery pack. Users will be automatically charged for the energy used and time spent in the charge station.

Older electrified vehicles will be updated with compatible wireless charge equipment.

Many users may not even realize that their electrified vehicle is being charged.

Henry Gibson

Just use a range extender when the battery gets too low. AC propulsion proved this method with their proto TZERO and a trailer gasoline powered range extender nearly fifteen years ago. ..HG..

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