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Remy International responds to Tecnomatic Lawsuit

In response to a lawsuit filed earlier by Tecnomatic, S.p.A. (earlier post), Remy International, Inc. said that allegations are false and totally without merit. Remy filed a complaint against Tecnomatic in September, 2008 in Indiana District Court. Remy believes that this new lawsuit is an attempt by Tecnomatic to force a settlement of this pending case as it nears trial.

Remy released the following statement:

Remy has been in business for over 100 years making quality rotating electric products. Remy’s integrity is well known in our industry. It is unfortunate that Tecnomatic has filed a baseless lawsuit for a competitive advantage using false statements about Remy and its technology. Remy will vigorously fight these claims and pursue all remedies for Tecnomatic’s abuse of the judicial process, including damages for false claims.


Account Deleted

Reading the documents.. speak clearly.

Remy International's has used the patent Tecnomatic Spa to receive a government subsidy of $ 60 million from the U.S..


This is a typical lawyers answer to a serious accusation. For many lawyers the best defense and a strong offense. It makes Remy look potentially guilty of plagiarism or patent stealing. It will be a lawyers field day.

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