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SIM-Drive EV has range of 333 km on JC08

Nikkei. SIM-Drive Corp., a spin-off from Keio University (earlier post), unveiled electric vehicle capable of traveling 333 km (207 miles) on a fully charged battery on the JC08 cycle.

In January 2010, SIM-Drive announced that 34 companies and municipalities, including automakers Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Isuzu Motors Ltd., were forming a consortium to develop a new electric car prototype, with mass-market sales being the end goal.

The SIM-LEI has in-wheel motors and can seat up to four. It runs on lithium ion batteries made by Toshiba Corp. that have a capacity of 24.9 kWh, roughly the same as EV batteries on the market. The vehicle can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in 4.8 seconds, a performance equal to that of high-end sports cars, according to SIM-Drive.

The start-up aims to commercialize the vehicle in 2013 through its development partners.



for those (like me) who might wonder what the JC08 cycle refers to:


This technology is going to be amazing. Potential wheel end removal and replacement instead of fixing it. Then send out to a lower cost shop to repair that wheel end for a change out later. The fact that it almost triples the closest rival in any of the big boys shows how smaller nimble companies can really make it happen. GM still wants a big motor and tranny in every car. Get them out of there.

I love innovation. This is going to be the breakthrough we are looking for and prepares us for the battery breakthrough that is coming in the next 3-5 years.

Being a die hard Republican does not keep me from embracing electric as soon as possible. I hope Sim-Drive is really on some vehicles soon.


upper echelons of the post-EV pantheon

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