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Altech-Eco receives final EPA certification for dedicated CNG conversions systems for Ford E-Series

Altech-Eco Corporation has obtained a Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the EPA for their dedicated 2011 Ford E-Series 5.4L compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion system. The dedicated system runs entirely on natural gas.

Altech-Eco’s CNG E-Series conversion system converts the E-150, E-250 & E-350 vans; the system is complete and includes manufacturer-rated CNG cylinders with fuel storage capacity starting at of 21.2 GGE (Gas Gallon Equivalent) and an extended option of 31.6 GGE, with a driving range of 240 - 480 miles (386 to 773 miles) depending on fuel tank size.

The CNG conversion system for the 2011 Ford E-Series is now available at select participating Ford dealerships and approved aftermarket conversion facilities, or by contacting Altech-Eco directly.



We could use these on the RTA Dial a Ride shuttles here, but the county is so broke, there is not much chance of that happening.

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