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Behr America has introduced a new storage evaporator for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems. When a start-stop system shuts off the engine when a vehicle is stopped or idling, in some cases some of the reduction in fuel consumption is due to the air conditioning compressor being switched off as well.

To allow occupants to remain comfortable, Behr developed a storage evaporator which helps maintain cabin temperatures and air flow up to 95% of all idle stops in city traffic. The air flowing into the vehicle is adequately cooled by the latent medium, Behr says.

Behr has also developed an air conditioning system that gives rivers and passengers the option of varying the type of outflow, as well as the direction of the air outflow. A spot-flow option concentrates air flow on one point for a maximum cooling effect. Diffuse flow allows the airflow to spread across a wide area. Combined maximum flow blends the two basic functions.



A smart idea.


gives rivers and passengers the option of varying the type of outflow

As long as they are doing something for "rivers", then OK :)

Account Deleted

Great development for cars. It would be hassle free when you travel and one is stuck in traffic. I wish I can have this evaporator soon in my car.

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