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Mitsubishi Heavy to develop and test all-electric transit bus with Manitoba Government, two local companies and college in Canada

CompactGTL small-scale demonstration plant commissioned at Petrobras site

A GTL demonstration plant has successfully been commissioned at Petrobras’ Aracaju site in Brazil. The Brazil plant, contracted from CompactGTL in 2008, demonstrates a fully integrated small-scale GTL facility, at 200,000 scf/d capacity, incorporating:

  • Gas pre-treatment
  • Pre-reforming
  • Reforming
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Process steam generation
  • Syngas compression
  • Fischer Tropsch synthesis
  • FT cooling water system
  • Tail gas recycling

The CompactGTL team was supported by Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants Ltd during the process design stage of the contract. The SMR and FT reactors were manufactured by Sumitomo Precision Products Co, Ltd in Osaka, Japan and due to CompactGTL’s modular, small-scale approach the complete set of GTL reactors were dispatched to Brazil by air freight. Zeton Inc. was awarded the EPC contract for the balance of plant and the GTL demonstration plant was constructed at Zeton’s facility in Burlington, Canada.

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Nick Lyons

Methane is cheap. Oil is dear. Look for a boom in GTL projects going forward, especially for 'stranded' gas near oil pipelines.


Now that they have this compact version it should become more popular. They could just burn off the methane or turn it into $3 plus per gallon fuel that pays off the capital costs of the plant in a few year, not a real tough decision.


This smaller plant can take it from the $1 billion dollar and 1 million gallons per day to 1/10th that. Suddenly applications that looked too costly are now in range. This is great!

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