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Electrovaya and hero Electric partner on electric scooters for North America

India-based Hero Electric’ electric scooters, powered by Electrovaya’s Lithium-ion SuperPolymer batteries, will be showcased at the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show 9-10 April.

Hero Electric has been developing and testing its products in Europe and North America for the past two years. The Company has developed two electric scooter products targeted for the North American market, the Zion and Optima Plus.

Hero Electric plans to start selling electric scooters fitted with Electrovaya’s lithium ion batteries in the Canadian market in the third quarter of 2011.



Hero Electric (India, a $4.8B USD company, is already producing 3 different e-scooters and is planning three additional models by year end. Hero expects to mass produce e-bikes, e-scooters and other e-vehicles very soon. There is a very large local market for those products. Hero could also be very competitive on the world market.

There is a very strong possibility that a JV will produce Electrovaya's high energy density batteries in India early in 2012.


Electrovaya is not in the same league with other battery makers and have to find a niche to remain viable long enough to be in the big leagues.


This may be the first step?


Oh sure, polymer lithium was the poster child a decade ago, with advances not so much any more. They have their applications and it is up to their marketing group to make sure those are filled.

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