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Epyon BV, a leading European supplier of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles, has started delivering EV fast-charging systems to Lyse Energi in Norway.

Epyon recently installed a Terra 51 Charge Station in the southern city of Sandnes, near the E39 highway to Stavanger, and plans installations at least at two more locations in the next two months. The Terra 51 is a DC fast charger with output power up to 50 kW, and is compatible with all electric vehicles using the CHAdeMO standard.

Maximum output current is 120A and the output voltage ranges from 50-550V.

The station in Sandnes is the first to offer both electricity through fast-charging and carbon-neutral biogas as part of Lyse’s “fuels of the future” service model.

Epyon’s Terra 51 can recharge an EV battery in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. All Epyon systems are equipped with web-updateable software, allowing easy downloads of communication protocols for new car models and applications to support new charging methods. Epyon’s software also allows for remote maintenance and monitoring of the charging levels.

In Sandnes, Epyon demonstrated its capability to install at gas stations, which involves stricter safety measures because of the fuel storage. Epyon managed to get the station fully operational within two hours.

Since launching Europe’s first commercially operated fast-charging station in May last year, Epyon has signed multiple agreements with utilities, charging network operators and fleet owners to deploy its solutions.



Good going Norway.

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