ARPA-E to award up to $130M in fourth round of funding; focus on biofuels, thermal storage, rare earth alternatives, grid controls, and solar power electronics
SABIC Innovative Plastics teaming with IAV GmbH to develop EV & hybrid powertrain solutions with advanced lightweight thermoplastics

Primus Green Energy to produce biojet fuel

Globes. Primus Green Energy Ltd., a US subsidiary of Israel Corporation’s renewable energy unit IC Green Energy Ltd., has developed a gasification-based process to convert agricultural biomass into standard automotive fuels at a competitive production cost compared with the price of oil.

The final product is 93 octane gasoline, with the energy capabilities and characteristics of regular gasoline for vehicles and industry. There is no need for engine customization and can use existing fuel distribution networks. Primus GE says that its biofuel emits 80% less pollution than gasoline refined from oil.

As part of Primus GE’s effort to commercialize its product, it has an engineering services agreement with Lockheed Martin Company, which is seeking biofuel solutions, especially for jet fuel, for the US Department of Defense. Primus GE plans to produce bio-jet fuel. Primus GE is also negotiating a letter of intent with a major US engineering company to be the chief contractor to build Primus GE’s commercial plant.



The more fuel sources the better..


Right. Biomass gasoline seems far more complicated than alcohol - but hey it's GE/Lockheed. When'd they ever do things simple?


"gasification-based process to convert agricultural biomass"

This has been done for a long time, it is the low hanging fruit that is easy to pick. No one wants to go up against the big oil companies because they know they will be deprived of money and crushed, but it has to start somewhere.

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