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At Hannover Messe 2011, Volkswagen is focusing on the link between ecologically sustainable mobility and resource-efficient production processes, and is presenting its “Think Blue. Factory.” concept to make production more efficient and conserve resources more effectively.

VW gathers efficient, low-emission technologies and powertrains under the BlueMotionTechnologies label. The “Think Blue.” principle presented in 2010 transfers this approach to other areas of the company and everyday situations and is intended to provide employees and customers with motivation to act in an environmentally responsible way.

Responsible mobility goes hand in hand with environmentally compatible production. This is why Volkswagen is forging ahead with its “Think blue. Factory.” concept. Our aim is to significantly enhance energy efficiency in production at the same time as markedly reducing emissions and the use of resources.

—Hubert Waltl, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand with responsibility for Production and Logistics

To achieve this aim, Volkswagen will implement additional efficiency measures in all production units. These include new press technology with energy savings of up to 40%, improved insulation for plant buildings, programs to shut advanced robot systems down during breaks and the use of high-efficiency motors.

In addition, Volkswagen is placing greater emphasis on diversified energy supplies. The latest examples of action being taken around the world include participation in the construction of offshore wind farms off the North Sea coast and a new Volkswagen hydropower plant in Brazil that will cover about 18% of the energy demand for Volkswagen plants in the country.

At the Volkswagen stand at Hannover Messe, trade fair visitors can take an interactive virtual tour of a car production plant and explore the principle of ecologically sustainable production. The mode of operation of a flexible production line for vehicles with different drive systems ranging from internal combustion engines to electric motors is also being demonstrated.

Volkswagen is also featuring the new Bulli, an electric-powered compact car study making its German premiere in Hannover. (Earlier post.) The electric motor receives its power from a 40 kWh lithium ion battery, allowing a range of up to 300 kilometers.



This new VW Bulli (if built) with its 40 Kwh battery pack and 300 Km range (i.e. 7.5 Km/Kwh) would be very efficient and close to being a practical long distance BEV. Within another 5 to 8 years, future improved battery pack could probably extend e-range to 600 Km making it a true highway capable BEV. Interesting development.

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