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A123 Systems to supply battery modules to Smith Electric Vehicles for electric trucks

A123 Systems announced a production agreement with Smith Electric Vehicles to supply battery modules for Smith’s portfolio of all-electric commercial vehicles. A123 expects to begin shipping its 5 kWh automotive-class prismatic modules to Smith for integration into battery packs in the second half of 2011.

According to Smith Electric Vehicles, A123’s battery technology will be first implemented in the Smith Newton truck, an all-electric, 7.5 ton (16,535 GVWR)–15 ton (33,000 GVWR) vehicle that has been commercialized globally. Smith’s customers include Frito-Lay (a division of PepsiCo), Staples, Coca-Cola, Sainsbury’s and Dairy Crest, as well as the US Marine Corps.

The highly scalable, building-block design of A123’s modules [earlier post] also enables us to build customized battery packs to meet individual customers’ range specifications. This allows our customers to maximize the performance of their electric vehicles while realizing a faster return on investment.

—Bryan Hansel, president and CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles



They got it goin' on, the pouch type cells are the way to go, no extra packaging needed because all the pouches are packed in something else anyway.

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