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AMP Electric Vehicles, Inc., at a press conference at their Cincinnati, OH facility, presented the first AMP electrified Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV to Gisli Gislason, Chairman and CEO of Northern Lights Energy (NLE) of Iceland. This is the initial delivery committed in AMP’s long-term supply agreement with the Icelandic company signed in April. (Earlier post.) AMP expects to begin volume deliveries in the September 2011 timeframe.

The AMP ML350 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery pack to power two rear-mounted permanent magnet AC motors (164 kW peak and 120 kW continuous).

The AMP/NLE agreement, when fully implemented, would result in potential revenue to AMP of $100 million.

The demand for SUVs is very high in Iceland at approximately 35% of new vehicle sales. Our AMP Electric Mercedes ML SUV fits NLE and Iceland's needs perfectly. The vehicle comfortably fits five people, and offers the efficient performance of 100 miles per charge. We are very pleased to have presented the first vehicle, and look forward to supplying the rest of this 1,000 vehicle agreement. This is an extremely important EV order for our entire AMP team and we are focused on all necessary steps to execute NLE’s requirements

—James Taylor, CEO AMP

While the initial sales territory is specific for Iceland, the agreement anticipates expansion throughout the Nordic region to include Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.



Considering the ML 350 weighs 4600 pounds this is an admirable effort.

Henry Gibson

Throw in the engine-generator part of a HONDA inverter generator in an unused corner for extended range on city streets, but Iceland is not very large. A 3kwh charging source into this battery will run this vehicle forever on city streets with stops at 30 miles per hour max speed.


At first they were using GM Equinox which is much lighter, I would guess it depends on who will sell you 1000 "gliders" over a 5 year period.

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