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Autocar commercially launches E3 hydraulic hybrid refuse truck

Autocar commercially launched the E3 Advanced Series Hybrid cab/chassis at Waste Expo 2011. Commercial launch is the culmination of a testing and validation program, and follows the successful implementation of a pre-production E3 fleet that is in service in the greater Miami area. (Earlier post.)

The E3 in Miami. Click to enlarge.

Operational results have shown fuel consumption reductions of 30-50%, with a typical saving of 45%. This translates into a savings of 4500 gallons of diesel fuel per year for an average refuse application, with a corresponding annual reduction of CO2 of 50 tons per truck. In addition to fuel savings, operators will also realize a dramatic reduction in brake wear, and reduced operational noise. These savings are realized in a platform that improves both performance and productivity resulting in environmental and operational benefits.

Autocar’s partner-supplier Parker Hannifin has developed the Runwise hybrid module that replaces the vehicles’ traditional automatic transmission. The E3 and Runwise have been recognized by the California ARB for the Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program voucher program, and by the EPA as an Emerging Technology under the National Clean Diesel Campaign.

The Runwise hybrid drive system is built around Parker’s proprietary Power Drive Unit (PDU), C24 Variable Displacement Bent-Axis Hydraulic Pump/Motors, and Composite Bladder Actuators—all designed specifically for high power, high start-and-stop applications.



savings of 4500 gallons of diesel fuel per year

That is significant, they are cleaner and more quiet, I would say the one barrier is cost. If they can show that they cost less over the life of the truck and they are for the public good, then it might happen on a larger scale.


If regular garbage trucks had to pay a nuisance fee for the extra fuel they use, the GHG and noise they create the PHEV version may be an acceptable solution.


Just a noise penalty and add that to leaf blowers and we would have a more quiet world :)


These trucks pickup the trash in my neighborhood.. but they dont look like the picture shown.

Very quiet compared to the ancient trucks it replaced.. and very fast, the driver can clear a whole block of trash cans in about 45 seconds.. they lunge from house to house at full acceleration. The old trucks would roar loudly when driven in this manner and probably used a lot of diesel.. and brake pads. Its startling to see such a large truck move so fast.

The trucks I see are dark green, and have an articulated claw on the passenger side to pick up the cans. The claws are very fancy, they can handle any kind of positioning of the trash can, and have a long reach.


I think that when people see these innovations, some form of pride and confidence is developed. It sounds like exaggeration to say that, but people like progress. Recycling became popular, hybrids became popular. When you can do the task that needs to be done and use less fuel, create less pollution and noise, then things are progressing and people notice this.


@Herm...which city are you located in? I had heard that they were in trials in Miami and Houston.

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