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BAE Systems reports more than 3,500 HybriDrive series hybrid systems delivered or ordered worldwide

BAE Systems announced that its HybriDrive series hybrid electric propulsion system has more than 3,500 units delivered or ordered worldwide.

The HybriDrive series hybrid electric system consists of a diesel-powered generator, an electric motor, and an energy storage system. The system also uses no mechanical transmission, a significant maintenance item on conventional diesel buses. Buses equipped with HybriDrive series have travelled more than 300 million miles, prevented more than 280,000 tons of CO2 emissions and have saved more than 25 million gallons of diesel fuel.

Buses powered by HybriDrive currently transport nearly two million passengers a day in cities across North America and the UK including Houston, London, Manchester, New York, Ottawa, Oxford, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and others.

Atlanta, Ga. and Everett, Wash., recently took delivery of the first New Flyer Xcelsior hybrids powered by BAE Systems and will be followed later this year by Washington, DC and Santa Rosa, Calif. Seattle and Houston are taking delivery of HybriDrive-powered buses built by Daimler as will Baltimore City, Md., and suburban Chicago by the end of 2011. Additionally, Red Rose Transit Authority of Lancaster, Pa., has selected BAE Systems’ HybriDrive to power its new fleet of Gillig Low Floor hybrid buses.

The Lancaster buses will come equipped with BAE Systems’ Accessory Power System (APS), which eliminates the need for a bulky, standard alternator and provides the necessary power to electrically drive vehicle accessories such as air conditioning, engine cooling fans, air compressors, and 208-volt AC/28-volt DC vehicle systems. Electric accessories are expected to further increase fuel economy by reducing and managing accessory losses, especially engine cooling and HVAC.

Gillig is the latest in a growing number of bus manufacturers that are offering BAE Systems’ HybriDrive propulsion system. BAE Systems holds similar relationships in the transit bus market for its HybriDrive series product, with companies such as Daimler Bus North America and New Flyer Industries in the United States and Alexander Dennis and Irisbus Iveco in Europe.


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