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BP and Davy Process Technology announced collaborations with three EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors to promote the commercialization of the BP/Davy Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Process. The BP/Davy fixed-bed FT process produces diesel, jet fuel (JP8) and naphtha from natural gas, biomass- or coal-derived syngas.

CB&I Lummus UK Limited, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc and The Shaw Group signed agreements to work individually with BP/Davy to seek deployment opportunities for the proven BP/Davy Fischer Tropsch (FT) process that transforms syngas into liquid hydrocarbons. The EPC contractors were chosen after conducting a competitive bidding and ranking process.

The BP/Davy fixed-bed FT process has been successfully demonstrated in Nikiski, Alaska, with full-scale fixed-bed reaction tubes where the nominal 300 barrel per day complex met or exceeded all of its performance targets. The Nikiski plant started production in 2002, using a proprietary cobalt-based BP catalyst. BP has been developing FT technology since 1981 and has been in partnership with Davy Process Technology since 1996.

The technology uses conventional, multi-tubular reactors and does not require continuous catalyst addition, circulation or separation. This, says BP, results in a robust process with high levels of reliability. The planed commercial reactors will use the same tube dimensions and metallurgy as in the demonstration plant—i.e., there is a low scale-up risk.

The BP FT technology produces a synthetic crude that is a mixture of light hydrocarbons and wax (mostly linear paraffins). This process is now available for license to third parties, and BP’s and Davy’s continuing development is focussed on retrofit enhancements.

We are very pleased to have gained the collaboration of these three leading contractors in our efforts to commercialize our FT process. Their involvement will help with the early identification and evaluation of opportunities, and ensure the availability of first class engineering resources familiar with our process to support potential licensees.

—BP’s Vice President for Conversion Technology, Mark Howard

We are pleased to see this technology move forward into the market place after extensive development and demonstration at a semi commercial scale. We believe the time is ripe for the conversion of stranded natural gas or coal reserves into liquid fuels especially with demand for liquid fuels at an all time high and the price of crude oil again rising on the international market.

—Dr. David Tomlinson, President of Davy Process Technology

Davy Process Technology Ltd., a Johnson Matthey company, develops and licenses advanced process technologies related to the manufacture of oil and gas, petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The company has its headquarters in London and its Technology Centre in Stockton-on-Tees.



natural gas, biomass- or coal-derived syngas.

This is good and if it were anyone but BP I would be real happy. To me this shows Beyond Petroleum is just that. We can and will make synthetic fuels that have no sulfur, no benzene and use no petroleum to make.

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