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Better Place introduces Renault Fluence ZE EV and pricing for Israel

JPost. Better Place unveiled its first EV it will sell in the Israel market, the Renault Fluence ZE. Basic price of the vehicle will be NIS 122,900 (US$34,865) excluding the necessary service package. Fluence ZE will go on sale from mid-July.

Buyers will be given a choice of a service packages ranging from 20,000 km (12,400 miles) to 30,000 km (18,600 miles) usage per year. The service packages include installation and maintenance of a home recharging station, free access to Better Place’s battery replacement stations and road-side service. The company will guarantee four-year fixed-price packages, with no exit fees for customers who sell their car and leave the plan.

The 20,000 km package will cost NIS 1,090 (US$309) per month, including VAT; while the 30,000 km plan will cost NIS 1,599 (US$454) per month. The cost of each extra kilometer over the monthly limit will vary between NIS 0.85 to NIS 1 (US$0.24 – US$0.28) per kilometer.

A one-time, three-year subscription offers the vehicle, service package and up to 25,000 km. a year of travel for an all-inclusive price of NIS 157,500 (US$44,680).

According to the company, the package will cut the cost of vehicle maintenance by 20 percent, compared to the average gasoline-powered family car. Better Place presented its estimates at the press conference, which showed that the 20,000 km. package will cost NIS 2,000 less each year the cost of gasoline (at its current price) for the equivalent mileage; insurance will cost NIS 1000 less than for a gasoline- based vehicle; and maintenance and warranty savings will strip another NIS 1000 from the overall cost.

(A hat-tip to Zohar!)



Saw a Nissan Leaf on the street today. Dealer demo vehicle. Quite nice looking - a bit bug-eyed in the headlights but hard to tell from vanilla Japanese makes. Glad to see it on the road at last.

And it has a cool little logo saying Zero emission or something similar. Nice. Better should it say "ZERO fossil fuel."


"A one-time, three-year subscription offers the vehicle, service package and up to 25,000 km. a year of travel for an all-inclusive price of NIS 157,500 (US$44,680)."

Sorry. This is beyond unrealistic for anyone but a personal friend of Shy Agassi. I'll take a VOLT for $350/month and NEVER have to swap a battery.


The Volt lease is very attractive. I hope they sell and lease MANY Volt cars this year and next.


Reel$$, you dont want to know what the cost of a Volt in Israel will be. This will be an attractive price, assuming oil does not crash again down to $40 a barrel.


You are likely right Herm. Might be cheaper to by the Renault in Israel. But we have heard SO much whining about Volt pricing - it turns out to be better than any other EV-EREV. $43k for a Th!nk...

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